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The Importance of Face Value

Hey all! In today's post, we're going to be discussing the importance of accepting someone by their face value and not trying to make them into something that their not. Let's get into it!

SHOTS BY PRIIINCESSS: 4- July's Gallery &emdash; #Shotsbypriiincesss-51The moment you stop looking at the facts, you begin to form relationships based on potential. In other words, what could be or the possibility. In essence, you almost start to try and change the person into who you imagine them to be instead of accepting who they are.

You can talk all day, but the fact is that people won't change or grow unless they decide to. For example, there are a couple of women and men that I went to school that was the best in the sports that they played. Everyone just knew they'd go to the Olympics or at least pro based on their potential. Where are they now?

Teamwork makes the Dream work

What does it mean to say we're a team?

To say your a team, in essence, means that you're working toward a common goal. Whether that's a baby, financial freedom, building a business...etc. Also, it is okay and expected that overtime your goal(s) change because you're both growing every day as individuals and as a team. I know some people get offended by other peoples growth and I never understood quite why. Imagine if the Patriot players (NFL Team) never evolved individually or as a team. They'd probably be one of the sorriest teams in football today. 

I gave an example of football, so it is clear where I am coming from. Now think about that when you think about your relationship. Do you have a common goal? People love to say 'It's us against the world' and "Me and you forever baby, on gang!". There's nothing wrong with that, but do you really know what that means or are you just saying something because it sounds nice? 

Your quality of life depends on your mindset...

For the past year and a half I have been on GO. During this time there never seemed to be a moment where I didn't have a million things on my to-do list. Of course, with a million things to-do I NEVER was able to check anything off my list because I was constantly burnt out and tired. I felt alone and constantly blamed others for why I was not where I wanted to be.

However, I came to understand that it was okay if I only had ten things on my to-do list and only completed four out of the ten. I had to realize who I was and what I was capable of because I was doing way too much and getting nowhere! I also had to realize that I can not just stop because someone will not assist me in doing something. Once I implemented these simple steps my mindset changed and so did my life.