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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 Checking in and New Apartment:

I have been super out of touch lately with all of my social media sites as I have moved recently. However, never fear I'm developing a schedule so everything will not be so clustered and I wont feel so bogged down. I will post pictures of what my room looks like later on in another post. Why not now? It is still halfway in the moving in phase ,but it should be up around Friday or Saturday. I have been in my apartment for about three days now. My roommates and I get along fairly well, they are all older than me by the way in case you were wondering. Also they are all foreign, which is a plus for me because I love learning about different cultures!
It is all very exciting if I do say so myself, and of course I do! The apartment complex that I live in has a swimming pool, a gym, and community center for the residents. At no extra price!! Totally Awesome! Alas, I haven't had time to visit either of the three because I have five classes and I am determined to get an A+ in all of them. Don't let that scare you however there will still be tons of fun things ahead. I may check out the facilities tomorrow because I don't have class.

Balancing Classes

Class started yesterday so I am doing everything I can to get organized really fast. Doing this will not only help me to avoid a ton of stress but this semester will go much more smoothly. My professors are great so far. Of course they are great it is the second day!! How do I balance five classes? Well I have three classes I actually attend in person and two classes online. So I get as much work done in those classes before they are over and when I get back to my apartment I study the material for my online classes. On days I don't have classes I will designate a certain amount of time to each subject.

Budgeting for the first time..?

Okay, so this is the first time in my life I have really had to buy most if not ALL of my own food, toiletries, stuff to make food in a.k.a pots and pans,etc..etc. Currently I have one pot, which I use to cook pasta, mashed potatoes and corn in. I also have one big bowl my mom got for me which I use to put the finished product of the food; in addition to that I have three small containers which I store the food in (I lost one of the tops so I use that as a plate/bowl for food) . However, I am not complaining, I wanted to be independent and I got it. Is it the fairytale I was expecting? No. Will I live? You bet! I have enough pads to last me for a good little while as long as I continue to eat big enough portions, take my vitamins and remain stress free. What do pads have to do with all that? Upon request I will let you in on my secret in another post for a later time.  I have basically everything I need at the moment and I think I will last I just have to learn how to balance meals and not gobble everything down in one sitting.

Lets chat! Comment your opinion on the the post and questions below.
What do you think about the situation at Walmart? Would you leave as well? Is this your first time budgeting away from home; how are you handling it? How do you balance school work with life? What are your go to meals on a college budget? (There are not any right or wrong answers)

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