Weave Review: Wow African-Brazilian Virgin Hair Silky Straight

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

aMixedsort: Brazilian Virgin Silky Straight
Brazilian Virgin Silky Straight
This is a long overdue review on this particular hair but I feel like someone will benefit from my experience with the hair and the company itself. To make it easier to get a thorough  understanding of all the information provided I will break it up into individual section.


 Basic Hair Information
 The hair came packaged in a brown box with the WOW African logo on it. The Hair was tied with a gold string and individually wrapped in plastic bags. I ordered the Brazilian Virgin
Hair Silky Straight in the inches sixteen, eighteen,and twenty with a twelve inch (4X4inches) Silk Base Closure[WB98]. It did not take the hair very long to ship. I believe I ordered it on a Thursday or Friday and I received it the Wednesday of the following week. Not even going to kid. That literally felt like the longest week of my life.
aMixedsort: Brazilian Virgin Silky Straight
Brazilian Virgin Silky Straight


Hair Feedback

  • Shedding: The bundles did shed more after they were installed. However, it wasn't overly excessive
  •  Tangling: At first glance the hair did not appear to tangle whatsoever. However, when straightening or brushing the hair towards the back of my head tangles were definitely noticeable.
  •  Ability to color: The hair was not colored because I wanted to see what it would look like on me before going all crazy with various colors. Also, on the website they do provide the option to have the hair pre-colored. 
  • Condition of hair: The very ends of the bundles were very dry even after I washed them. In an effort to counter the dryness I put a little Cantu leave-in conditioning cream (for natural hair) along with a little EDEN peppermint tea tree spray on the ends. This seemed to help the dryness a little. This hair held its curl forever!!! Which is a good thing don't get me wrong. I just thought the curls would have fallen sooner.


Communicating with the company

To be perfectly honest I did not essentially communicate with the company via e-mail,phone..etc.  However, on the Wow African website there is a chat box where questions can be asked if assistance is needed. I used the chat box twice nevertheless did not receive a reply to my questions.

  I would definitely purchase more bundles from this company. However, I would not order a closure from them. Also, if you are thinking about ordering anything online ALWAYS process your order through Paypal if it is an option. If you have dealt with WowAfrican in the past feel free to leave your experience below. Much love :) -aMixedSort

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