Single on Valentines Day? What?!

Monday, February 13, 2017

amixedsort.comAs we all know Valentines Day is coming up in a matter of days. Literally TOMORROW! This is supposed to be a day of love for everyone however I often find that it's marketed solely towards couples. As a result, some people consider this one of the most depressing days of the year. Nevertheless, despite all the movies and media that one is bombarded with just about everyday leading up until valentines day, there is hope yet.

SELF-LOVE is the best LOVE.
 This year I am single for Valentine's Day but I will have fun and you can too! Firstly, get out of the dump. Meaning spoil yourself, go to the spa, get your hair done, listen to motivational speakers and audio-books, travel around,etc. There's a ton of things for everyone to do!

A few ideas if you're stumped:
  1.  Hiking to a waterfall 
  2. Picnic in the forest or by a lake
  3. Be a tourist for a day in your city
  4. Buy yourself (or relative/friend) roses/edible arrangements and have them delivered. 
  5. Go to a concert or a comedy show
  6. You've been putting of working out 🏋🏾? Go do that! 
  7. Try something new!

The main purpose is to not wallow in self-pity on this awesome day which is all about love. Put the ice-cream down, get your booty of the couch and go live! Just because there is not a man all up under you at the moment does not mean that you are not lovable. If you do not remember anything else at least get that! 

I really did not want to preach on this post but something has got to shake! No, I am not saying I am by any means an expert at this however one day the light bulb has to go off! Ding-ding, girlfriend love yourself! How in the world can you properly love anyone or expect them to love you if you don't first love yourself? I just do not understand what is going through some women's head sometimes. That is an entirely different subject for another time though. 

Girlfriend do not rush to get a man just because of the season! Everything will come to you in due time.  Be happy you are single on Valentines Day and go live it up!

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