Backyard tourist : Atlanta

What is a 'Backyard Tourist' and where did the concept come from? 

A backyard tourist is someone who discovers and explores new places in their own city. This idea came from the fact that people all over the world basically travel to other peoples 'backyard'.

So, I had the bright idea to explore Georgia (my backyard) .

Why I chose to visit Atlanta?
I chose to visit Atlanta first because people flock there by the droves and what better place to start than the capital. Also, I thought it would be easier for the very first tour. 

Below is a short video and photos of my backyard tour in Atlanta.

  Tips for traveling around
  • Research the area extensively before heading off on your adventure.
  • Plan out your day and leave 3-5 hours free just in case you meet any new people or find something new to do that you missed while doing 
  • Do not be scared to ask questions 
  • Keep a maximum of fifteen to thirty dollars on you at all times.
  • Tell someone where you are going 
  • Never tell strangers you are alone in a city. Always act if you are going to meet up with someone in no less than fifteen
  • Budget, budget, budget!! Make sure you can afford everything you want to do and anything extra you discover whenever you arrive.
  • Be prepared for creepy people lurking and popping up out of nowhere.
    •  Create an alias for yourself
  • Most importantly have FUN!!!

Have a suggestion on the next place I should visit, comment below!


  1. Very Interesting Information. Never Heard of this concept before. Very enlightened Now!

  2. I am glad I could help enlighten you.

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