Relationships: Wanderlust - How did we go from a 'kiss on the cheek' being risque to 'we vibe so we should fuck. No titles though.".

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Date like it's 1855-The Romance Age

When I was younger I remember being at my Nanny's house and watching a romance movie. One particular scene stood out to me; the guy and girl had just come from a dance I believe and they were saying goodnight to each other and I remember thinking I can't wait to get older so I can start dating. They're so nice together. Imagine my annoyance when it's the 2000's and people act as if dating is a crime. 

How did we go from a 'kiss on the cheek' being risque to 'we vibe so we should fuck. No titles though.". I can't be the only one who is confused. No worries though because I have done got right and I am going to give y'all the tea and it is going to be on and popping. Like hot sauce on a chicken wing. 

The tea

Who's at fault for this bullshit ass dating scene though? Is it the mothers, fathers, pastors, teachers, musicians or coaches? This is going to rub a lot of y'all the wrong way but it's you. The people you date or that I date can't be blamed on anyone but yourself. So, if your dating scene is trash look at yourself because I hate to break it to you but you are the common denominator. 
Kind of like when a dude says that all his exes are crazy. He's the common denominator because it doesn't even make sense scientifically to end up with the same kind of person continuously. Unless he was attracting a certain kind of person because of something going on inside of himself. See where I am going with this? Another thing that we're going to stop is the 'I am a healing person' and because of that I only attract broken people BS. Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to date someone. 

I know some people be like it's the moon or voodoo. Again, BS. I'm going to give it to you straight with no chaser. Your vibe attracts similar vibes. In other words, what is going on inside of you mentally will attract similar people who have the same thing going on inside of them. 

loving myself and having fun

Okay how are y'all doing beautiful people so I've already written the first two parts to this article so I just have one more part to write and that is what this is going to be. We go to we buy so we should f*** . no titles though. If I've ever heard this generation of men in this generation of women that allow these men to do the things that I do that. I did that cuz I'm baffled I really don't. I don't think there is anything wrong with you at music listening to trap music ever just because I like to listen to trap music sometimes does not mean that you just going to take me to the corner store and cottage cheese a motherfucking date. Okay I'm already stays pretty much in you and what you want out of a relationship in a lot of people don't learn this for a while that's why I was going to go ahead and talk about it for y'all okay. Okay. This is pretty much about lady let me just tell you something it's because you go on a date with somebody that's not asking me y'all are in a relationship there is a distinct difference in the haters will say we're in a relationship no you're not. It is okay to date around. What is not okay it's to f*** everybody they should go on a date with that probably in the house. Kite me if you want to. Okay so didn't want to work station and not to pick you up play you said your family buy a you you and Bellissimo you have issues the homeless man could’ve Took you to the corner store with the letter chains that he died from his a of standing and holding his sign up. I'm real and it don't get no realer than this care but I have a nice very sweet let me tell you how it is okay and you need somebody like that or you'll get over it and you'll be that you had somebody like me and your life okay. So with that being said when a mother f***** drop the ball beastly if the game is not to drop that all okay water balloon how's the water balloon beach you drop the water balloon there is nothing left but you got to give second chances that if I like anniversaries and all that s*** the f*** you want to talk to would have been doing for it only come around once a year. so with that being said met these men date you! Make them motherfukers date you stop settling for half ass s***! I am so sick of it and it'll show you just a gold-digger b**** where you ain't got no mother f****** money and if you want me you better date me or I'm better off alone please tell me why I'm better off with your bestie and somebody says he has plans. Don't try to play me like some  Lupo from the bag wood. by these do if you let them. Like you were born last night go make them date you anyway I don't want to date you do you know how many dicks is that they're really so are the ones that you walk! Together I got to get together weather. This is a travel poster and go find somebody Okay so I have my head something something about is Meeks Meeks you can do y'all can go ziplining together granted you're not afraid of height is fine but it's a long way down hiking go do some yoga together go dancing like not that nasty working the actual event. and just do whatever you enjoy don't let anybody put you in the house that you have to stay in the house cook me some food and have the house clean give me all your money and do Dempsey but this is my take on the yard drop from ideas below of potential date for the ladies let me know what you like to do where you like to go and another thing that needs to stop I thought I remember me and was like all her his and her fiance met her would it rain and gave it to where it was some people from my hometown that I couldn't believe it I would rock that because I did it wouldn't ring myself but you want me to get splinters in my fingers shrink when you get sweat just don't have the money right now but he'll come into in a year or two maybe wait a year to buy me my motherfuking Ruby and Diamond b**** the f*** people don't think you are so desperate just to call somebody your own it hurt it it feels good but you know what you said it for half a sheet and that's what you get you let that man can you run around for 20 years and you have eight kids I want to ready to get married a while we got to put a title in me what else do you want you to take growth and progress y'all let me know what y'all thought about this article. I look forward to chatting with you guys FaceTime for the next time y'all let me know if y'all enjoying this content and drop something just into the love what do you want to read about what do you want to hear about all right the rest in peace

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