Teamwork makes the Dream work

Sunday, April 19, 2020

What does it mean to say we're a team?

To say your a team, in essence, means that you're working toward a common goal. Whether that's a baby, financial freedom, building a business...etc. Also, it is okay and expected that overtime, your goal(s) change because you're both growing every day as individuals and as a team. I know some people get offended by other people's growth, and I never understood quite why. Imagine if the Patriot players (NFL Team) never evolved individually or as a team. They'd probably be one of the sorriest teams in football today. 

I gave an example of football, so it is clear where I am coming from. Now think about that when you think about your relationship. Do you have a common goal? People love to say, 'It's us against the world' and "Me and you forever baby, on gang!". There's nothing wrong with that, but do you really know what that means, or are you just saying something because it sounds nice? 

The Magic Sauce to making your relationship work

I think the magic sauce in any relationship effort and effective communication. This is important because if you suck at communicating with others and aren't willing to put forth any attempt to make the partnership work prepare for things to go downhill really fast.
 Once a goal has been established, your partner should be putting forth just as much effort as you in all areas or y'all should at least balance each other out. Where you lack in one area, they may pick-up and excel. Which is how it is supposed to be because doing the bare minimum does not warrant anyone to be praised. Also, partnerships shouldn't be entirely transactional, 'I give you something then you have to do something for me.' You should want to serve your significant other, and they should desire to do the same for you. If there's a problem with that, why is a relationship being pursued in the first place?

The comparison trap

 Lastly, what works for another couple may not necessarily work for your relationship. So, be cautious when looking at other people's relationships because you don't know what it takes for them to work. Of course, it is okay to take pointers, but you should never put your partner down for being someone that they are not. That's like putting a basketball player and a hockey game and getting upset because they're not excelling. It's wack. 

One last thing, it is okay to get tired of your partner, and it's expected. No matter how much you love someone, you should always take time for yourself to recharge before jumping back into the game.  That way, you can give your partner 100% of you because I don't care what these social media people say, but you can not pour from an empty cup. 

Alright, that's all for now! Be sure to let me know what y'all thought and let me know if you have any other tips in the comments below! 

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