and welcome to aMixedSort, my little corner of the internet. I'm Kristen, also known as KB. 

A little about me I'm a southern belle born and raised in Georgia, I can cook a mean meal with measuring cups. If there aren't any measuring cups then take-out it is! Currently, I am studying biology to become an optometrist. Why optometry? One day I was at work and I started looking at the optical files and I was really intrigued by what I saw. Also, I am working on a fashion line so stay tuned for that. 

aMixedSort has changed a lot throughout the years and so have I. My goal for aMixedSort is to inspire, educate, and entertain my readers one post at a time while providing glimpses into my life. 

Overview of  my Content:

  • Phat Essentials 
    • Beauty (Hair, Skincare, Selfcare) 
    • Style (Fashion & Trends )
  • On The Couch (Girl talk, public issues, mental health, money...etc)
  • Wanderlust (Travels, New Foods & Drinks, Backyard tourist)

[This is just to give you a general idea of you can expect from me. If you have suggestions for content feel free to leave me a comment or email me at amixedsort@gmail.com ]